On June 4, 2011 DezandNick  became guardians of 2 new Puli Puppies. We wanted to share news of the Pulik with our friends and family, hence this blog.  It’s likely that misc. non-puppy stuff will be posted here, too.

4 responses to “About

  1. Alex

    Hi I believe I have thier half brother. His is a While Puli and his name is Curly.
    HE is over 18 lbs. Roberta Taylor sent me your Blog link.

    • Wonderful! We would love to see a photo of Curly! Dear friends of our have Curly’s brother (Uzi & Sassa’s 1/2 bro), Iggy — I’ll see if they will send a photo, too!

      • Alex

        I would like to but not sure of how to post it on your blog. I guess I have to rgister to do so. Can I just e-mail you the pictures instead?

  2. Allison

    Your boys are adorable. We adopted “Wags” from Roberta’s April 9th litter. She is white and I bit smaller than your two. My parents adopted a black puli 19 years ago from Roberta, he lived to be18! I’d love to send you a picture of her.

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