Climb Every Mountain…

Uzi & Sassa taking a break at the "summit"

{DezandNick apologize if you have Julie Andrews in your head now. We do, too, if it’s any consolation.}  The pups have learned to climb stairs. Sassa is a self-taught expert. He was showing off over the weekend: bounding up the steep stairs into [Human] Grandpa’s kitchen to eat cat food.  At home, we must be vigilant about keeping the hall doors closed unless we can monitor his climbing.  Ouzo is more reluctant about the stairs.  He prefers sitting at the bottom of the stairs and barking up at his brother.  But [Human] Grandpa gave him a lesson by putting Uzi’s front paws on the stair tread, then lifting his bottom.  Uzi caught on pretty quick.  Still, he’d much rather be carried up.  Is Sassa smarter because he learned on his own? Or is Uzi smarter because he understands and fears gravity??

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  1. Or is Uzi smarter because he’s still trying to get people to carry him?

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