Bath time!

DezandNick clipped the pups’ toenails and gave them their first bath & hair-dry. (Well, the breeder did that, too, but this was OUR first.)  Wish we could share photos with you but our wet, soapy hands were full, as you might imagine.  Uzi went first and he was a real sport about it.  He tried to bite the water coming from shower head and eat the air from the blow drier.  He loved being swaddled in towels and blow dried — thought it was a big game with lots of rubs.  Sassa was more trepeditious about the whole process. He tolerated the bath, right up until the final rinse when he started whining a little. (DezandNick worked as fast as possible — luckily, Sassa reached his limit right as it was finishing.)  He allowed the blow dry to happen, but mainly because DezandNick locked him in a small room where he couldn’t get away, then bribed him with puppy treats.  We’ll try to get photos next time, because wet Puli pups are pretty goofy looking.  Once all that hair gets wet and deflates, you can see their great big paws.


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2 responses to “Bath time!

  1. Eileen Bernstein

    DezandNick – really enjoying the puppy blog, did you design this by yourself? well done! Can’t wait to see how much they’ve grown – see you soon –
    On another puppy note…my favorite breeder of curly coated retreivers just had their summer litter….they post the progress of the pups (and lots of pictures) every week until they go to their forever homes….another vicarious puppy experience – one day…..

  2. Hi Beanie — yeah, all by ourselves. But WordPress made it pretty easy, to be honest. And my friend Peter told me to add the RSS stuff. Clearly, we’re open to suggestions 😉

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