Play Date

Ouzo & Sassafras had their first play date, with Lula the French Bulldog pup, about 5 months old.  She’s a real sweetie. And Lula was clearly the alpha — she RULED those boys, despite the fact she’s 1/2 their size.  (Grrrl Power!!)  Lula did all the talking; you’ve never heard 2 more quiet Pulik.   At first, Sassa was very shy.  Given the way he usually plays with his brother (hard & loud), it was surprising that he was so timid & silent, but that’s one of the reasons for a play date: socialization.  In no time, all 3 pups were all running and playing and chasing.  Ouzo started talking a little, but Lula always  had the last word.  What a fun way to start the holiday weekend!

Sassa, Lula & Uzi

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