hot dog

Poor Poblano...

DezandNick have a raised, hay-bale vegetable garden.  One thing that made the this type of garden attractive was the thought that it would keep puppies out of the veggies.  Yes, dear reader, you know where this is going.  Whilst tending the garden, DezandNick realized the pups got suspiciously quiet.  And things went a little like this: “Oh, it’s okay; they’re playing tug of war… with a poblano chili pepper plant! that has already produced 4 chilies!!  wait, make that 2 chilies.”  DezandNick successfully disengaged the chili plant from the pups (replanting the remainder deeper in the garden — we’ll see how that fairs) and took away the 2 baby chilies from the 2 baby Pulik.  The pups seem none the worse of the wear and resumed tug of war with an appropriate dog toy. Amazing what they can get up to — literally, right behind our backs!

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