Remember When… Ouzo

Dez and Nick met the pups, their mum (Pippa) & their sister (Amy) when the pups were about 5 weeks old.  Here’s Nick with Ouzo.  Fluffy even then, but still so small!

Nick & Ouzo

And here’s Uzi more recently, at 11 weeks old.  Of course, he’s more of a wiggle worm now — DezandNick couldn’t get him to set still for his portrait.


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4 responses to “Remember When… Ouzo

  1. Just adorable! Hope you are all cool with this weather.

  2. Alex

    they are realy cute. If you don’t mind me asking but did you get them from Robreta? And How old are they? Where they born apr. 9 of this year.

    • Yes – they are from Roberta’s kennel, all “Sunday’s….” I believe that our boys are the 1/2 brothers of Roberta’s April 9 litter (which was quite large — I think she said there were 6-7 puppies from that litter!). There was a second litter around April 20 (Ouzo, Amy — a lovely white Puli-girl, and Sassafras) from a different mama but the same sire (who happens to be our late Puli ‘s — Sam’s — grandson).

      If you have one of the April 9th pups from Roberta, see the painting to the left of our page for an image of his great-grandpa! PS — Our dear friends have a pup from the April 9th litter, Iggy, who is wonderful & smart.

  3. Allison

    I found your posting on the Puli Club of Connecticut. I have the white girl from Roberta’s April 9th litter. Her name is Wags and she is a beautiful little girl. She is only 12.5 pounds now and doing great on her training. She is a bit shy but we are keeping on top of socializing her. I can send you a pic if you would like. I live in NJ, my parents got a puli from Roberta 19 years ago. He lived to be 18!

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