Lobster Boil (shout out to Uncle Bill!)

The pups met live lobsters.  They were curious and fearless about approaching the sea creatures, which had rubber bands around their claws.  Uncle Bill would have been proud.   However, when one of the lobsters flipped his tail, the pups jumped and ran away.  Sassa recovered from his surprise quickly and came back for more exploration.  (Sniffing, licking, trying to chew on antennae — at which point we took the lobsters away. Didn’t want to torture the lobsters before their imminent demise.)  After the tail flip scare, Ouzo remained a safe distance away and just watched Sassa.

Sassafras & Lobster

Ouzo & Lobster

Sassa continues to investigate as Ouzo watches


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2 responses to “Lobster Boil (shout out to Uncle Bill!)

  1. Mary Gurin

    Puli owner also – mine is named after yours – Afterdinner Sambuca – he is 1 1/2 yrs old now – great, great dogs

  2. When I meet them I’ll show them how to hypnotize a lobster. It’s a useful skill!

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