Special Guest Appearance: Gris-Gris, The Cat

Hurricane and Tornado warnings caused DezandNick to keep Gris-Gris, the cat, indoors for the last 24 hours.  She’s an indoor-outdoor cat, but since the pups arrived and the weather’s been lovely, she has been staying outdoors when the pups are awake. Typically, Gris-Gris comes in for food and love once the pups are in their crates for the night.  But now the whole family is in lock-down until Hurricane Irene passes.  The pups enjoy barking at Gris.  A lot.  They are smart enough to stay out of range of her claw, so they sit just outside of reach and take turns barking.  Gris-Gris seems to tolerate it pretty well (clearly, she wants us to think she cannot be bothered).   But to be honest, it’s just painful for DezandNick.  How can such small dogs make such big noises?!?  Don’t they ever get tired of just barking?!?!?  Occasionally, Gris-Gris will lament her status as a captive with some soulful bouts of meowing, too.    Will try to take photos tomorrow (presuming all is well after Irene hits early morning) — we were too busy with Hurricane prep today.

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