Pulik help with hurricane clean-up

The pups were ready to help DezandNick with post-storm clean-up.  Gris-Gris was happy to be free again (no photos of her, as she made her escape too fast!).

Ouzo tries to address localized flooding...

Sassafras inspects boarded up stain glass windows...

The pups remove "downed trees"...

In all seriousness, we were very fortunate.  We know some neighbors in the NY Metro Area and others along the eastern seaboard face serious clean-up and recovery this weekend and for weeks (and months) to come.   This light-hearted post is meant only to make people smile and, by no means, to trivialize the real clean-up efforts.  Our thoughts are with the real clean-up crews, first responders and people impacted by the storm.

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