Meet little bro, Sassafrass

This is Sassafras.  Named because… well, honestly, just because Nick likes to say “sassafras” aloud.  Dez may spin this tale in the future (ground sassafras is filé, a key ingredient to good Cajun gumbo — there must be a story there!), so don’t blow up her spot when she does.  Nickname will be “Sassa” (like Nadal is Rafa);  “Sassy” is just too femme. 

Likes: squeaky toys (although he cannot make them squeak on his own yet), licking DezandNick, running into his bigger brother broadside to knock him down. 

Dislikes: being rushed to pee.


Accomplishments:  Performed “shake” by offering a paw on command several times when a guest came to visit him (granted, he hasn’t really done it since…)

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