Brave Pulik

The boys handled the massive thunderstorms last week with grace.  Frankly, they didn’t seem to notice the lightening, thunder, dark skies or rattling gusts of wind. And they have no objections to being wet.  As comfortable as they were with Mother Nature’s noise and wind, they’re not so sure about the Hair Dryer.  Getting comfortable around the Hair Dryer will be important before their “dreadlock” cords start to form, so this weekend we introduced the pups to the Hair Dryer.  They are [now] okay with the noise, but not so sure about the “wind” that comes out of it.  Ouzo was less concerned and walked into the blast of warm air, but didn’t linger.  Sassa was skittish about  it.  We’ll stick to towel drying  for now, but will continue to work with the Hair Dryer until they’re more confident about it.

Pulik in the tall grass

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  1. Little Dougals all…! Such darling things.

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