Play dates

Since meeting Lula, the French Bulldog,  the boys have had several more play dates. Della, the yellow lab — one of Grandpa Sam’s best friends — has been over several times.  She’s older and not as inclined to play, but her calm energy and patience with the pups is wonderful.  Blu, the puppy Great Dane, stopped by a couple weekends ago, but even as a pup, she was very great in stature… more like a small pony than a dog.  The pups were very shy around her.  (DezandNick felt badly because Blu was so interested in playing with the boys.  We’ll try again when the Uzi & Sassa have grown a little.)   And most recently, Bailey, the cock-a-poo who lives next door, came over for a visit.

Bailey was clearly happy to put a “bark” with a face; he’s been hearing the pups on the other side of the hedgerow for several weeks now.  The pups took to him right away.

Bailey and Ouzo

Sassafras chasing after Bailey

Ouzo sniffing Bailey

Ouzo sniffing Bailey

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