Vet Visit #2

leaves make great puppy toys...

At our Vet visit on July 23, Ouzo weighed in at 13 lbs (up from 10  lb on July 2 ) and Sassafrass at 12 lbs (up from 9 lb on July 2).  That almost a 30% increase in size in 3 weeks!  Sassa’s taller than Uzi now, too.   Puppies — they grow so fast…

The pups got a round of immunizations, which they handled without any drama.  Nail clipping — no problem (DezandNick have been practicing that at home).  So far, so good.

And then, the vet pulled the hair from inside their floppy ears. (If you don’t have a floppy eared dog, dear reader, think of overgrown old man ear hair to the nth degree.)  Well, that’s where the fun ended.  Serious drama — squealing, biting, you name it.  DezandNick knew it was going to hurt the pups and opted to call in a professional (solid strategy there!);  hopefully, from this point forward, it will be simple maintenance to keep their ears healthy.  Dare to dream.




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