Meet Half-Sister, Wags

Wags is Ouzo & Sassafras’s sister from another mother.  Wags was born a couple of weeks before our boys.  Mop commercials notwithstanding, white Pulik are actually quite rare, but Grandpa Sam was a hybrid (white momma and black daddy), so his line tends to have a good number of white pups.  Wags’ s human mom, Allison, shared the 3 photos below and this:

“She is now 18 weeks old, weighs about 13.5 pounds. She loves cuddling, and being brushed.  Her favorite toys are tennis balls (playing fetch with her human brother Austin) and nylabones.  She is a very gentle girl and loves to be the center of attention.”

Wags at 14 weeks with toy

Wags sitting pretty at 14 weeks

Wags, last week, after "spa day" at groomers


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3 responses to “Meet Half-Sister, Wags

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  2. Alex

    Curly says whats up Sis’ long time no argh!

  3. Alex F.

    Hey its me Curly! Can you post more Pictures Of yourself Wags?

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