Meet half-brother, Curly

Curly is the brother of Wags (see earlier post) and a brother by another mother to Ouzo & Sassafras.   Curly is now 18 weeks old and already a confident swimmer! Enjoy the photos and captions below send by Curly’s human, Alex.  Be sure to scroll down to the last one, where he’s sporting a rain coat…

Curly at 12 weeks

Curly rolling in grass at 12 weeks

“Curly at 3 months now, and he is still into falling down.  I just think he likes to roll around in the grass.  I have to thank him for watering my lawn all the time. It’s beginning to show a unique look. It has “golden poka dots” look to it everywhere.  Thanks a lot Curly you are the best!  What’s that that old saying?  “Its Best Out, Then In”, I can’t complain.  It’s really true, all that good be in the house.”

Curly, 14 weeks, taking a breather

“Curly is taking a breather after running in circles for a while.  I think he was racing his own shadow.  He is three and a half weeks old now, and his shadow is one second older.”

Curly, post "swim meet"

“A week later goes by and this is his first “swim meet”, he was nervous at first but finally started to relax and remembered how to do the “Butterfly Stroke”.  Would you believe, the “Back Stroke.”  Anyway after swimming around he is now drying off and chllin’ out.”  {Dez likes this — butterfly was her fave stroke, too!}

Curly at 17 weeks old, in the hosta

“Curly is 17 weeks of age. He is getting used to his New Home, in loves to Weebble and Wobble  and then he falls down.  Oh yeh, he also likes watering my lawn.  Oh JOY!!!  lol”

Curly in a rain coat

“… I think all the rain we’ve been having shrunk the raincoat as you can see.”

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