The Real World: Big Walks & Cafes

This week the Uzi & Sassa had their first long visits out into the “real world” — outside our yard, friend’s houses, the vet’s office and puppy kindergarten.

The boys went on a big walk around the neighborhood, where Ouzo “heeled” at Nick’s feet the whole way! (DezandNick haven’t even started training “heel” — we’re just happy to have them walking on the leash at this point. Ouzo is clearly a genius at The Walk, now that he’s overcome his fear of the leash.) Cars, buses into Manhattan and motorcycles were of interest, but not too distracting or scary.

This morning, they had their first outdoor dining experience at Art Cafe.  Their girlfriend — Lula the Frenchie — was there with her parents, which helped ease the pups into the new experience.  Uncle Victor works there, too, so he provided another familiar face to welcome them.   The pups were really good, gently sniffing at the children who Lula knows and remaining pretty calm the whole time.  There was some playful barking at Lula, but nothing got out of hand.  (Sassa was brought to sit on Dez’s lap when he started to get too excited, which calmed him.)  Nick opted to skip breakfast (sleepy head!) so Dez walked the pups and wrangled them on her own.  Alas, there was no heeling this outing… but the pups were great at making macrame of their leashes when walked together!

Uzi ready to be walked


Sassa, "Let's go!"

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