Swimming Pulik

Here are photos of the pups’ Labor Day Weekend swim.  Both were a little nervous at first, but they got the hang of paddling with their back legs and, eventually, their front legs, too.  On this first outing, each was supported by a human — no completely solo “swims” yet, but we hope to get there.  Ouzo seemed to enjoy swimming more than Sassafras, but that’s not surprising given that Ouzo often tries to jump into the bath tub or shower!  Sassafras greatly preferred exploring the pool deck area and jumping in the landscaping more than swimming in the pool…

Thanks again to our hosts, Liz & Bill!

Uzi w/ Maria and Sassa w/ DezMaria, Uzi, Sassa & Dez

Uzi doggie-paddles with Maria, the swim instructor



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